Travel Is On Hold – But This, Too, Shall Pass.

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A lot can happen in a matter of a couple weeks. Probably naively, it appears in hindsight, we still thought a couple weeks ago that the only thing that would stop us from being able to take our trip to Norway would be if one of us actually got sick with Coronavirus. Otherwise, if we were healthy, why not go?

Wow, how things have changed in a matter of a handful of days. Now, unless the US and Europe find a way to deal with this virus in a way that rivals the success of South Korea in containing the spread, the hope of being able to travel abroad by the end of May is not good. There is a new reality facing all of us, at minimum for the next couple months, probably longer. The socially responsible thing to do right now is to hunker down and do my part to curb the spread.

I am not losing all hope, though. This, too, shall pass – it’s just a matter of how long until it does. And when it does, I will be ready to get right back to exploring the world. Our trip to Norway may not happen at the end of May as planned, but it will still happen. So I plan to spend my time researching the adventures to come, digging deeper into the off-the-beaten-path locales that make for the perfect experience, finding the way to see Norway like a local, discovering more opportunities to have a Norwegian dinner with a Norwegian family in a Norwegian home.

So the articles will be continuing – on everything I find on how to see the most of Norway without breaking the bank, on things to see in southern California while avoiding crowds, on alternatives to throw away plastic containers and water bottles while traveling, on what happened to my hair when I tried eco- and travel-friendly shampoo and conditioner bars for 30 days, and on what to see and do for a girls trip to Portugal (going in 2021!).

Coronavirus is serious, and we need to respond accordingly and do the socially responsible thing to lessen the long-term impact. (Please, governments, do the responsible thing for the businesses and workers who will be financially impacted by the necessary self-quarantining and provide emergency funds to get them through so that we don’t end up in a recession.) Stay safe, stay healthy, and see you on the other side of this mess when it passes.

In the meantime, keep dreaming of far away places…

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