Temecula Farmer’s Market is Best in SoCal!

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Both Fritz and I were so excited when we stumbled on the local farmer’s market in Temecula. And even more excited when we found out the market takes place EVERY Saturday! Every chance we get, we bring friends and family with us to explore this little treasure. The Temecula Farmer’s Market is now a Saturday morning tradition, and always the best breakfast in town.

The fruits and vegetables are so fresh, so cheap, and so good, but every weekend we seem to discover something new – artisan breads, eggs, fresh flowers, and (my personal favorite, best prepared on the grill) 10 lobster tails for $20! We’ve purchased oil paintings, and can’t wait to get back in our house so we can buy the wine cask plant holders.

If you go, don’t bother to eat breakfast – most tables have samples and by the time I make the full circuit, I’m full! The hummus table is my favorite with a dozen or more different flavors of hummus that the vendor is more than happy to let you sample in multitude on squares of pita bread. The 3 layer dip is the best – spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and feta. If you don’t tell the vendor to stop, he’ll just keep loading up the samples on pita bread and shoving them into your hands. (It works – I’ve never left his booth without buying something!)

Minnesota has a great farmer’s markets also, but the season is a bit shorter than in Southern California. Even my little Minnesota town of Walker has a fabulous farmer’s market in the front lot of the Green Scene organic grocery store and deli. So if in Walker this summer, don’t forget to stop by the farmer’s market. But if you miss the chance in Walker, then come to Southern California any time throughout the rest of the year and we’ll bring you to our year-round farmer’s market.

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