Street Painting Fair in Old Town Temecula – A Must See!

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Old Town Temecula is a favorite place to go for so many different reasons: the farmer’s market, Temecula Olive Oil Company, Soro’s Mediterranian Grill, Old Town Rootbeer Company, and a plethora of other great shops and restaurants. But one weekend a year is the Old Town Temecula Street Painting Fair – our favorite weekend of the year in Old Town!

The Fair starts on Friday, but our favorite time to go is on Sunday. Artists spend the entire weekend working on their masterpieces, preparing them for final judging on Sunday afternoon. Early in the weekend, the artists can be soon in full-frenzied action, sketching and shading their pieces, but by Sunday, many of them are done, or only the final touches are left, so they can be enjoyed in their full splendor.

Artists come in all ages, and the subjects of their work range from whimsical to mythical to realistic. Some artists will display the photo or painting from which their masterpieces are drawn, so viewers can marvel at their ability to so accurately reproduce the image on a grand scale. Other artists just let the image flow from someplace within. And for budding artists, there is a section of squares blocked off where anyone can try their hand and display their creations.

Chalk drawing from the amateur section…

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