Photo Tour of Loch Ness & Urquhart Castle

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With travel plans on hold, I’ve been going through photos of past adventures to pass the time. As I’ve mentioned in other articles, my trip to Great Britain in 2004 ranks as one of my favorite adventures. England, Scotland, and Wales are like fairy tale lands, full of rich history and stunning landscapes with medieval castles and lush forests. I had dreamy eyes and giddy energy as we boated across Loch Ness to Urquhart Castle. I could hardly wait to be turned loose to explore every little hidden nook of the castle.

As an aspiring author of historical fiction and an avid reader of British history, I relished the opportunity to see a medieval fortress in detail, from the thickness of the walls to the intricacies of the stonework. In its 1000 years of history, Urquhart castle changed hands repeatedly between the Scottish and the English until being blown apart during the Jacobite Uprisings in the eighteenth century.

I took hundreds of photos while boating across the lake and traipsing around the castle, but here are my favorites. I hope you enjoy this photo tour of Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle!

The day was perfectly cloudy with low clouds streaking the sky as we set off in the boat toward the castle.

Seeing the castle from the water inspires awe and nothing less, even in its ruined state. Many of the high tower walls still stand, perched on the steep banks dropping down into the chilly waters of Loch Ness.

The grounds of the castle are pristine and the castle stands out in stark contrast against the green grass and trees.

The castle entry walls are incredibly thick, flanked by guard towers, and equipped with a heavy metal portcullis.

Entry to Urquhart Castle

Views from the Portcullis Chamber of Urquhart Castle…

Portcullis Chamber Urquhart Castle

Storage rooms of the castle…

Views from the Urquhart Castle windows…

Very little remains of the kitchen and bake house from the destruction during the Jacobite Uprising…

Urquhart Castle Bake House

Wall walk above guard chambers…

Three of stone walls of the main tower remain mostly in tact, and though the wooden floors are gone, it is easy to visualize what the rooms looked like.

Replica of a trebuchet and missiles used to protect the castle…

Various views of the castle stable and watergate…

Stable Block
View from third floor of tower.
Watergate stairs.

All photos by Lois Templin.

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