Must Have Tools for Working From Home

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If you find yourself transitioning from working in an office to working remotely from home, then setting up your home office is a priority. Recent situations have meant that I am working remotely from my home for the time-being, but this is an easy adjustment because this isn’t new to me. I was an independent consultant with a home office for 15 years before taking my current position at a college.

Setting up a home office so that it’s comfortable and provides all the tools necessary to work effectively is essential to being productive. Below are some of my favorite tools for working from home in comfort without spending a fortune.

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Sit/Stand Desktop Computer Stand

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A full day of sitting at my desk makes my back and hips ache. I get sucked into my work and before I know it, several hours have passed and I haven’t moved. Using a desktop computer stand to lift my laptop, monitor, and keyboard to a level that allows me to stand while working has been a lifesaver. Now I stand for more of the day than I sit, and I feel so much better at the end of the day. When I’m not standing, the stand is folded flat and my computer is at desktop level again. This stand is amazingly affordable and worth the price to battle the fatigue of sitting for so many hours day after day. 

Folding Tray for Use with Standing Desk

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I use a folding tray along with my sit/stand computer stand as a writing surface or to hold any documents that I need access to while working. The tray sits on top of my desk next to my computer stand making it easy to write or reference other materials without having to bend over.  The tray is lightweight and easily folds away when not using it.

Cushioned Floor Mat

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If your home office has hard floors, then this comfort floor mat will save your legs and feet while standing. I have this same mat in my office, and I pull it out to stand on every time I use my computer lift stand. The thick cushioning allows me to stand for hours without my feet and ankles getting sore. It’s the best mat I’ve found and the price is extremely affordable. 

Computer Desk for Home Office

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If you have the space for a home office, but don’t have a desk, then this L-shaped computer desk is affordable, easy to set up, and will provide great working surface without being bulky. The L-shape allows for additional monitors with room to spread out documents and anything else you need. It fits easily into a corner of a room without taking up too much space.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Headphones, especially noise cancelling headphones, can be a lifesaver while working from home. Listening to music helps to block out the distractions of a busy household, making it easier to focus on your work. They’re great for listening to webinars or podcasts. And if your work includes meetings through Zoom or Teams, headphones will save your household from having to hear your entire meeting. 

Desktop Organizer

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Desk organizers are great for keeping everything collected and at your fingertips while you work. This space saving design will keep your desk neat without taking up too much space. I love that there is room for files, notepads, staplers, calculator, post-its, and any other items I need to keep handy but that can cause clutter if not organized. 

Bankers Boxes for Portable Storage

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Bankers boxes are great for storing files, binders, and anything else you need to keep organized in your work space. These are especially helpful if you need to move items back and forth between rooms, or if you have to pack up your work space each day because of working on the kitchen table. The handles make the boxes easy to handle, the size make them easy to move, and the lids allow for easy stacking.

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