Tour of England; HNS Conference & Whirlwind of the Country

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I’ve been typing like a mad woman for the past three months. I’ve been more productive than Jack from the Shining, but not much less frazzled! I made it to England to attend the writing conference and meet with the editor, as was the plan, but the book wasn’t all the way finished, as was NOT the plan. It’s very close, though, and the meeting with the editor was very encouraging. So I didn’t quite achieve my goal of having the book completely done by the time I got to the conference, but the trip was worth it, and I am even more motivated to finish the little bit I have left to do on my book after the input from the editor.
The rest of the time in England was fabulous – full of castles, cathedrals, windy roads, fish and chips, pubs, and tea. The visit seemed to fly by and be too short, but we saw so much that I can hardly keep it all straight in my head. I’m sorting through photos now, putting them into folders so I can remember which I took where. I’ve finally recovered from the jet-lag, but the details of the trip are still a blur in my mind. I’ll blog about it more when it all comes back into focus – especially about Hay-on-Wye! It was everything I imagined.
This is just a sampler of a few things we saw while in England:

Small English Book Store

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