The Best Weekender Travel Bags on Amazon for under $50

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Everyone needs a great weekender travel bag for those quick trips and weekend get-aways. Sometimes a carry-on size suitcase is just too much and a backpack is just too little.

Preparing for a weekend trip to Minnesota for a wedding, I discovered that the only travel bags in the house were suitcases or over-sized duffel bags. The carry-on suitcase was more than I needed, so I tried to make one of the duffel bags work. It felt like I threw everything into a sack and it was all a jumbled mess by the time I got to my destination.

In my quest to find the best weekender bag, I tried some of the top rated travel bags from Amazon. I wanted to find a stylish bag with compartments that would hold all my clothes neatly and include space for other essentials. Below is reviews of five of our favorites, in order of preference for the best weekender bags.

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S-ZONE Women’s Canvas Weekender Bag by PennyBuying

S-Zone Women's Canvas Weekender
S-Zone Women’s Canvas Weekender
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The S-Zone Women’s Canvas Weekender Bag was by far my favorite. I easily packed three complete outfits, two sets of running clothing, pajamas, make-up case, two hair brushes, running shoes and a pair of sandals. Best of all, the bag is stylish and comfortable to carry by the handles or with the shoulder strap, even cross-body.

The standout feature making this the best travel weekender bag in my estimation was the shoe compartment at the bottom of the bag that did not infringe on the main compartment. The zipper near the bottom opens to a separate compartment underneath the rest of the bag that closes flat once zipped up again. My running shoes and two pairs of sandals fit easily in the compartment. What I like about this shoe compartment compared to others is the main compartment of the bag still has a flat bottom to pack the rest of my items without them becoming a jumbled mess. Unlike other bags where the shoe compartment takes up space in the main compartment and clothing must be packed around the lump of the separate shoe compartment, this bag maintains a flat bottom even after the shoes are packed. As a result, everything in the main compartment stays neatly packed with room to spare.

This weekender bag also includes separate pockets for storage, including an outer pocket that fits over the handle of a suitcase to hold it in place while pulling your luggage through an airport.

Canvas Waterproof Genuine Leather Weekender Bag by Newhey

""” src=”//” alt=”Canvas Waterproof Duffle Bag” width=”250″ height=”250″> Canvas Waterproof Duffle Bag

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My husband’s favorite travel bag was this leather duffel bag. He likes the heavy duty quality of this bag as much as the rugged style. I also liked this bag for it’s quality construction and roominess.

This weekender bag doesn’t have as many frills as the others, but it is durable, affordable, and waterproof. The bag is larger enough to hold everything needed for a long weekend or onger, including a laptop, and protect it along the way.

The inside of the bag is roomy with flat pockets for essentials and a padded pocket that will hold a 15 inch laptop. The outside of the bag has another pocket on both the front and the back. The bag is easy to carry by the handles or sling over your should by the strap.

The most appealing aspect of this bag is it’s durability. Made of leather, good construction, and waxed to make it waterproof, this bag feels like it will survive rough handling and rugged travel.

Weekender Bag by Olfamn

Weekender Bag
Weekender Bag

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I like this bag for its style, extra pockets inside, shoe compartment, and extra carrying case. Everything I needed for the weekend fit into this bag, and the extra tote was a great place to organize small essentials.

The shoe compartment is large enough to fit a pair of running shoes and several flat sandals or slip on shoes. The only downfall to this shoe compartment is that it infringes on the main compartment of the bag, making it more difficult to pack my remaining items. It does keep your shoes separated from the rest of your belongings, thus keeping everything else clean, but it is more difficult to pack the remaining items around the lump of shoes. The shoe compartment is essentially a separate soft pocket, so when shoes are inserted they are sitting in the bottom of the tote the same way they would if wrapped in a plastic bag and put in the bottom of the bag — they take up a large part of the compartment and everything else must be packed around them.

Though the clothes and extras did not pack as neatly as in the S-ZONE Women’s Weekender Bag reviewed above, I was still able to pack everything I needed for a three day trip into this bag.

Waterproof Weekend Duffle Bag by Nubily

Duffle by Nubily
Duffle by Nubily

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This weekender bag is reminiscent of traditional tote bags, with lots of outside pockets to pack essentials. I like the sturdiness of the bag and additional compartments.

The shoe compartment is handy, but like the Oflamn Weekender Bag, it does infringe on the main compartment. I can easily fit one pair of shoes in the compartment, but it does make it more difficult to pack everything else around the lump of the shoes in the bottom of the bag.

This bag does have more room inside than the Oflamn Weekender Bag, and all the compartments work great for keeping essentials separated and easy to find.

Travel Duffel Backpack by ZoeShop

Travel Duffle/Backpack
Travel Duffle/Backpack

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This weekender bag is completely practical in looks and use, but includes every amenity necessary to make travel convenient. It’s extremely versatile and will accommodate your every need whether traveling for business or pleasure. It didn’t feel quite as well made as the other travel bags we tested, but it does include lots of options that many people will like.

This travel bag includes a padded pocket for a laptop, slots for notebooks, phones, chargers, pens, keys, and anything else you need. A zipped compartment on the bottom of the bag keeps your shoes separate from your clothing. Because this bag is vertical, it’s easier to pack clothing neatly over the lump of shoes on the bottom of the bag as it is tall and narrow instead of wide and flat. This makes the shoe compartment feel less impeding on the main compartment of the travel bag.

The versatile straps allow for the bag to be carried as a backpack, over the shoulder duffel bag, cross-body bag, or simply carried as a tote by the handles.

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