2021 Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Travelers

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Looking for the perfect gift for the traveler in your family this holiday season? I’ve got you covered with ideas from stocking stuffers to presents that will make your traveler squeal with delight.

Travelers aren’t easy to buy for because we like things that are as practical and useful as they are stylish or fun. We don’t pack frivolous items because they just take up space and weight. Everything has to have a purpose and be worth their weight or volume in suitcase space. That being said, there are definite must-have items that make every traveler’s journey easier, more fun, and memorable that we just can’t do without.

Here are the items that are either on my traveling accessories wish list, or that I already have and love. The traveler on your Christimas buying list will love all of these items just as much as I do!

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – Perfect gift for the traveler who reads!

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader
Click image to view Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect gift for the traveling reader. It’s compact, light-weight, and holds a ton of books. And, it’s waterproof so you can read it while floating in a pool or relaxing at the beach.

Travelers tend to be readers because we love adventure, whether real or imagined. Books are heavy, and I often read more than one book when I travel during flights, layovers, or while suffering midnight jetlag. Carrying all of those heavy books takes up precious space, but they are also a necessity for me, so I won’t leave them behind.

An e-reader is a must-have for any serious traveler, and I’ve absolutely love my Kindle Paperwhite. It even fits in my purse, so it goes with me everywhere, all the time, even when I’m not traveling.

Nintendo SwitchPerfect gift for the traveler who games!

Click image to view Nintendo Switch on Amazon

For the traveler who doesn’t want to read for the duration of the flight, but wants something to do other than mindlessly watching movie after movie, then the Nintendo Switch is the perfect gift. This gaming console is compact and light-weight, with battery power to play for 5 to 9 hours between charges, which is enough to stay entertained for the long journey to your next adventure.

Grace EXT Carry-On – Rolling Hardshell Case with Laptop Easy Access

Click image to view Grace EXT Rolling Carry-On on Amazon

I love this hardshell carry-on suitcase because it’s both stylish and practical and will be the favorite gift of the season for any traveler lucky enough to receive it. My favorite feature of the case is the front panel that easily opens to reveal the padded protective pocket for your laptop and other items, which means you can access the things you want without having to completely open the suitcase to dig through all of the carefully packed contents. It also has flaps and pockets in the main compartment of the case to keep everything organized and in place. It has 4 sets of wheels, so it rolls easily while staying balanced, and can change directions quickly without having to flip it or lift it.

Camera Shoulder Bag

Click image to view MCHENG Camera Shoulder Bag on Amazon

I love this camera shoulder bag because it fits my Nikon D500 while equipped with a wide-angle lens, but it’s small and light-weight so I can carry it all day quite comfortably. The bag is about the size of a medium cross-body purse so it’s less conspicuous or awkward than my large camera bag for those days when photographing in busy locations such as city streets. There are 2 side pockets, so I can put my phone in one and cash or credit card in the other, then head out to take my photos without feeling weighted down with a cumbersome bag. I can even pack my camera in the bag and then put it in my suitcase without it taking up too much room while keeping my camera protected. I still have my large camera backpack which holds all my accessories but for shorter trips, I often leave it behind now and only take this small bag packed into my suitcase and one extra lens.

MUSICOZY Sleep Mask with Built-In Headphones

Click image to view Musicozy Sleep Mask on Amazon

A must-have item for any frequent traveler is a good sleep mask to block out the light and the noise of a long flight. And for those who have a difficult time sleeping in a new place because of the unfamiliar sounds or lights outside of guestroom windows, these are the perfect gift to make for more restful travel. I prefer the Musicozy sleep mask because it charges quickly and lasts for 10 hours. The memory foam mask with silk lining doesn’t put pressure on the eyes and is soft to the touch. Using Bluetooth, music or white noise can be piped in through the headphones to block out the noisy environment around you. The headphones are small and sleek so that even side sleepers can wear this mask comfortably.

trtl Travel Pillow – Neck Support Sleep Pillow

Click image to view trtl Travel Pillow on Amazon

The trtl Pillow neck support sleep pillow was the best gift Santa stuffed in my stocking last year! I can actually sleep comfortably on an airplane with this neck pillow, and it’s lightweight and easy to stuff in my carry-on tote bag. No more uncomfortable donut shaped pillows that clip on to the strap of my tote and keep getting in the way when I try to put my bag under the seat in front of me. The trtl Pillow doesn’t push on the back of my neck when I’m sleeping either, or make me feel like I have bulky neck brace on. The trtl Pillow feels like a cozy, soft scarf wrapped around my neck and the support of my neck and lower chin allows me to sleep comfortably without getting a neck ache.

Beeswax Lotion Bar

Click image to view Beeswax Lotion Bar on Amazon

I love finding products to replace my bottled lotions, shampoos, and conditioners when traveling, and this beeswax lotion bar is a must-have item for travelers who want to protect their luggage while also being more environmentally friendly. My latest find in travel friendly eco-products is lotion bars. Hold them in your hand for a few moments to warm them, then glide the bar over your skin and rub in. This beeswax lotion bar is made with all natural ingredients and is available in 6 different scents. The tin container packaging is also perfect for storing and packing the lotion bar.

ASUS Zenbook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop – Perfect gift for the travler who blogs or takes too many photos for the SD card!

Click image to view ASUS Zenbook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop on Amazon

Many travelers, me included, don’t go anywhere without a laptop for so many reasons. Whether to watch movies on the plane, check email, update blogs, edit pictures, or just to reasearch all of the amazing things to see at your destination, the ASUS Zenbook 13 Ultra-Slim laptop is the perfect gift. This is actually my main laptop that I use for all of my personal business as well as editing photographs and blogging. The laptop is really light-weight and small while also feeling durable. The screen is 13 inches, but it doesn’t feel at all like a miniature screen.Some ultra-slims are so thin that they feel like they might snap in half if picked up by the corner, but not this one. This one has just enough thickness to not feel fragile without being bulky. This computer does everything I need it to and was completely affordable at under $1100.

AINOPE Vent Mounted Phone Holder for Car

Click image to view AINOPE Vent Mounted Phone Holder on Amazon

I recently realized that a small car phone holder that I can pack in my luggage and easily mount on the vent of a rental car is a must-have travel accessory. It’s hard enough to drive in an unfamiliar place, especially if in a new country with unfamiliar roads, signs and traffic laws. Add the need to keep holding up your phone to follow the map and the stress can go through the roof. Bringing a small phone holder is a cheap and easy way to relieve a lot of stress when exploring a new place by car. This sleek phone holder takes up hardly any room in my luggage, it’s durable, and it is easy to mount. So far, it has fit on the vent of every car we’ve rented in the US and abroad. The AINOPE Car Phone Holder has worked great for our travels and makes the perfect gift to stuff in the stocking from Santa.

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