10 Best Gifts for Travelers for 2020

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If you are looking for the 10 best gifts for the travelers in your life, plus one bonus item, read on!

Traveling is my number one joy! But when not traveling, I love reading about traveling, thinking about traveling, and planning my next travels. We are planning a trip to Norway in June, and as I started thinking ahead to our next adventure, I’ve found myself wandering the web looking for the best travel gadgets, travel books, and travel luxuries.

I’ve put together my list of favorite travel related gifts that I think every traveler in your life will love also. So check out the items below for the best gifts for travelers for 2020.

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Travel Cubes – Best gift for the organized traveler!

Travel cubes are a great gift for any traveler because they compress your clothing while keeping it organized. With the travel cubes, you can fit all of your essential travel needs into an even smaller bag. Or, you can fit more stuff into the bag you are already using. Plus they keep everything neatly organized and separated, and are great for keeping your dirty clothes in a container away from your clean clothes. I like the Shacke Pack Travel Cubes because they have ventilation built into the cubes to keep your clothes from getting musty smelling while you travel.

Destinations of a Lifetime from National Geographic – Best gift for the adventurous!

Destinations of a Lifetime
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National Geographic can be counted on for great photos, great stories, and great information about all the places you want to see in the world. This book is full of inspiration and ideas for the traveler planning their next adventure. It’s also great for the armchair traveler who just wants to learn more about the world.

How to Shit Around The World – Best gift for the traveler with a sense of humor!

How to Shit Around the World
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Let’s face it – anyone who’s traveled to exotic places knows the dangers of being exposed to germs and parasites that are foreign to us. This book includes some helpful information to avoid the disasters that can happen when consuming food and water in foreign countries that our systems just are not used to. Great reference guide for the more adventurous traveler. Plus, the title is so fantastic and any gift that makes the recipient laugh is a success!



Digital Luggage Scale – Best gift for the traveler who always over-packs!

Digital Luggage Scale
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Paying fees for overweight luggage does not make me happy, especially if I’ve done the lift test at home and estimated the weight to be fine. Nothing like getting to the airport only to have to shell out more money for your bag, or do the packing shuffle where you move items from your suitcase to your carry-on luggage. With this electronic luggage scale, you can ensure your bag meets the weight requirements before you leave home. And the scale is small enough to pack into your luggage so you can monitor your suitcase weight as you shop while traveling.

Travel Journal – Best gift for the traveler who loves to write!

Travel Journal
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If the traveler in your life likes to write as much as I do, they will love this travel journal. The cover is gorgeously embossed with images of the globe, closes with a magnetic clasp, includes a pen holder and a ribbon marker. A journal is a fantastic way to memorialize your travels with essays, drawings, and photos. And once this journal is full, the notebook inside can be replaced with a new, clean book to record the next adventures.


Hardshell Suitcase with Spinner Wheels – Best gift for anyone who travels!

Best Gift - Suitcases
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The best luggage looks great, rolls effortlessly, endures, and has a great layout to hold everything needed for a fabulous vacation. GoPenguin suitcases fits all the criteria for great luggage and a great gift. This luggage is lightweight, made from German-made 100% Makrolon Polycarbonate, and the wheels are resilient and smooth. Any traveler will be ecstatic to receive one of these fantastic pieces.

Laptop Travel Bag – Best gift for her to travel with her laptop!

Best Gift for Her - Laptop bag
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This may be the best gift idea for the traveler on your gift list who can’t go anywhere without a laptop. It’s a travel tote with pockets for laptop, phone, wallet, a book, and anything else needed for travels is the perfect present. Travelers love to have everything they need at their fingertips while on the plane, train or in the automobile, but it’s important the items be organized and for the tote to look great. This tote is affordable, stylish, padded to protect electronics, and packed with convenient pockets.

Laptop Travel Bag – Best gift for him to travel with his laptop!

Best gift for him - laptop bag
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I love this laptop bag for travel because it’s stylish and practical for the jet-setting man in your life. (Although, truthfully, I think this bag is so great than anyone would love it!) It has padding to protect a laptop or other electronics, lots of pockets for organizing, and space for everything a person needs to carry for the trip. The bag comes in grey with brown leather (very stylish!) or black with black leather (very sleek looking!).

Sleek Travel Tote by Michael Kors – Best gift for the fashionista!

Best gift for her - tote bag
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If you have a chic woman in your life, this is the best gift for her! For the traveler who prefers a sleek and higher-end tote bag, the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Carryall Tote is the best gift of 2019. This bag comes in several different colors, contains several pockets on the inside for phone and other small items. The rest of the bag is wide open for large items, making it easy to carry a water bottle, books, purse, snacks or any thing else that will make travel time more comfortable.


50 States, 5000 Ideas from National Geographic – Best gift for the RV traveler!

Best gift for RV traveler
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The United States is vast and filled with wonders. This book is ideal for the traveler who wants to explore the United States whether by planes, trains, automobiles or RV. National Geographic provides the best places to visit in every state in the nation. The gorgeous photos will inspire any reader to want to get out and explore this amazing country. This book comes in paperback, making it easy to pack and the perfect gift for the RV travelers in your life.


Bonus Item: Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow – Best gift for the international traveler!

super soft neck support
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This is the best gift for the traveler who spends a lot of time on airplanes, especially oversees or red-eye flights. Sleeping on an airplane is always a challenge, and I find traditional, bulky neck pillows to be uncomfortable because they don’t fit will against the chair back and push my neck forward. That’s why I prefer this Trtl Pillow when I travel. Its sleek design is effective in supporting your neck and chin while you sleep without feeling like you have a huge doughnut around your neck.

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